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Fundació Font Picant de Catalunya we have served throughout the year and since 1986, numerous people with different types of addictions, impossible to solve in outpatient treatments. Although our main headquarters, the Sagrada Família Center for Reception and Follow-up, is in Barcelona, we have a well-known rural rehabilitation center in Catalonia.

This is Sant Miquel Maifré in the province of Girona, where we have extensive experience in treating many addiction problems, from alcoholism in all its formats and combinations, addiction to tobacco, stimulants, cocaine, cannabis, psycho-drugs, compulsive gambling and many others.

1992 - Project "El Pasteral" Architect Oreggioni.

Fundació Font Picant of Catalonia

a rehabilitation program with more than 40 years at the service of the Community 

Fundació Font Picant Catalunya began its journey in its current headquarters in Barcelona in 1981 and since September 1986 it has been registered and considered a Charity-Assistance Foundation under the Protectorate of the Department of Justice.

Since then, our assistance-training program has been part of the Public Network for Attention to Drug Addicts in Catalonia, whose initials are XAD within the framework of the National Plan on Drugs of Spain.

We have a great team to assist people in 35 residential places in the Sant Miquel Maifré rural center in Girona with the support of the Departments de Salut i de Drets Socials - de la Generalitat de Catalunya. The Font Picant Catalunya Foundation has been a pioneer.

With the support of INEM-Barcelona, ​​we have been in charge of launching the first School-Workshop for the professional training and acculturation of young men and women addicted to heroin. Then the European programs continued until the Employment Workshop "Osor" from 2000 to 2010 with the support of the Department of Labor, the Ministry of Employment and Social Security with support from the European Social Fund.

Our Commitment is the defense of marginalized people

Without segregation of any kind, since our inception, our mission has always been to provide support and necessary help to people who, due to their abusive behavior, are marginalized from society until addictions make them expendable; they are excluded, belittled and persecuted.

In our center we offer therapy for people with countless conditions related to drug addiction, psychotropic substances, chronic youth alcoholism, gambling, etc., offering special attention to women for being, along with the mentally ill, the most vulnerable group.
At the foundation we provide all affected people with the necessary resources for their rehabilitation, detoxification and reintegration into life in society. In this way, we have assisted thousands of people and a multiplicity of families who have achieved important solutions.

Board of Trustees of the Font Picant Catalunya

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CT Sant Miquel Maifré

Road to the Susqueda Reservoir, KM. 7.5
17166 Osor, Girona

Central - Barcelona

Carrer de Córcega 528 1-3
08025 Barcelona, Catalunya

Images of gardens, people and equipment in Sant Miquel Maifré