Transparency and Management

from Barcelona Headquarters

For some years, the entities involved in the treatment of patients affected by addictions, dependencies and personality disorders exchanged impressions with the then Catalan Institute of Assistance and Social Services, to agree on Quality Indicators, by which in 2008 a series of "dimensions" according to evident realities for the participating entities.
The problem of these dimensions: Attention and support to the person - family, Ethical and relational aspects in the attention to the person, transparency, rights and duties, defense of battered women, organization and management, etc.; not all of them captured then, were summarized in two notebooks for Good Practices and Quality Indicators, an issue that should have taken into account they have taken into account the mandatory social, health and safety legislation for all collectivized residential accommodation institutions.

Far from distorting that work of finding and searching for Healthcare Quality, the Font Picant de Catalunya chose to tend to comply with a large part of the recommendations following the Quality Model towards Excellence proposed in Europe EFQM without external certifications, in compliance with the Standards established by the European Parliament, Spanish Parliament, Parliament of Catalonia and the Regulations from the different Departments with control powers over our Rural Residential Center Sant Miquel de Maifré.
The path - before and after - is not only summarized in this section. This page shows some important aspects over 30 years.

Importance of Transparency in the European Union and Catalonia

For centuries, public resources have deserved the need to be controlled by the States. Much more if these are allocated in Budgets for the Health and Well-being of its Citizens. For this simple reason, all the Institutions, Entities and Foundations that receive the main economic support from the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Spanish State for the fulfillment of their Purposes (in our case of a social and health nature) must publish their audited accounts and activities to demonstrate - respecting the Right to Privacy of Assisted Persons - its Management Models, Quality Care, Organization and Expenses.

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Management and Professional Control 

One of the great characteristics of our center related to the search for quality of care is the inclusion of different methodologies in our therapies. Our multidisciplinary team takes care of that. Thanks to them, we have been able to offer support to many patients through initiatives that promote interaction and subsequent social-labor reintegration.

Our services are aimed at all people with addictions interested in changing this condition. We are in Barcelona, but we serve patients from all over the country and even outside of it. You can communicate through our telephone numbers, email or by filling out the form on our website.


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