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Addictions and drug dependencies 

Addictions turn out to be a constant in the Model of Life in the West and for many people a severe problem, given that they fall into dependence and personal, family and work ruin. Dependency Disorder does not allow "enjoying the party in consumption". It imposes it as an "essential need to be able to survive" while moving towards the disaster of life.

In the welcome center for detoxification and rehabilitation in Barcelona, ​​the Fundació Font Picant de Catalunya, makes available to all interested people - whether they are feeling "sick", at risk, in need of help or associated illness - an advanced and proven treatment for addictions and dependencies. Together we have projected and built a Therapeutic Community with 35 places with individual rooms approved by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the support of the Department of Social Rights, complying with all the safety requirements for people assisted and with team prepared against the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic.

From addictions to dependency; chaos and death

1987 - Balneari Font Picant Josep, Polo, Neus and Lluis.

Without triumphalism, with solidarity!

The therapeutic community of our foundation registers before his birth and since 1981 all his outpatient interventions; then, from his first experience in the Old Font Picant Spa Hotel in Sant Hilari de Sacalm, he conceived an Original Model of Intervention "Drug-Free in a Protected Rural Space" that meant a break with the hierarchical and messianic intervention models by that time.

This dynamic of "learning by studying, doing and working on the problems of Addictions, Abuses and Dependencies", has allowed our Team to grow in the awareness of a need for Scrupulous Respect for the Assisted Person.

The heroic determination to join our Susqueda Center means by itself a transcendental step in the Life of Addicted People towards Health and Freedom. 


Our team and environment offer you:

Rigorous privacy

Complying with it for all personal information of a sensitive and private nature, which allows you to rehabilitate and trust your family and friends again.

Psychological session

Individualized; adjusted to your needs as a person who is listened to, understood and oriented to make your stay unforgettable.


Support tutor for good and bad news or circumstances, studying with you your best alternatives, recognizing your weak points. 

Integral Project

That trains you and facilitates articulating your strengths and aptitudes in the most favorable external environments for your social integration. 

Family work

Essential connection with your most immediate universe, from Brief Advice to Family Meetings scheduled as a team and agreement of the parties.

Of your skills

Exercise your skills, be it in talks, games, workshops, activities and meetings, from the conviction of goodness in the Group.

Learn to Make and Share.
Nursing and medicine 

When you enter SMM, you are also received by a Health Team that watches over you during your stay and explains your treatment and progress. 

Covid-19 prevention

Since the beginning of the Sars-Cov2 Pandemic, we have not observed any cases in our Center until the end of 2021. Vaccinated and with discipline in Health, we face the challenge in 2022.

Contact our Barcelona Team

Requesting help is as simple as essential 

Our multidisciplinary team understands that the problem of addictions and dependencies are a factor derived from the oppressive system in which we live. The most fragile people are trapped and find the way to cope with addictions. Understanding it that way has led us to offer them comprehensive therapeutic care.

If you want to request our help, you just have to contact the Ambulatory Care Centers of the CAS Network. In this way, you will be able to be referred to our Reception Unit - Barcelona Follow-up. Once there, you will be attended by our team. You also have the options to contact us by phone, email or through the form on our website.

We are with you! don't destroy your life.