Addiction therapy in Barcelona

Education and Workshops are a Must. 

At Fundació Font Picant de Catalunya we have an excellent collective and individualized training plan in Health Education, Risk Prevention - Relapses, General Culture, Approach to Addictions, Gender Violence, Rights and Resources against Abuse, Workshops for Activities Shared and Vocational Training. Each space is intended for an activity of a therapeutic nature and can be carried out without interference. 


Our workshops, activities and addiction therapy in Barcelona and Girona.

A meeting to Learn - Doing 

2018 - Nevada General appearance from the entrance

In a stay of 6-8 months in a Community environment and of need to shared with more than 30 people, not only meetings and activities are held in the many rooms of the Sant Miquel Maifré Center. A Living Center also means learning and knowing how to maintain, update and innovate from the facilities to the way of living, doing, eating, sleeping and collaborating to change the habits and alterations of a past Life. Problems are not solved by short or long good advice alone. They need to be supplanted and internalized through a new experience that moves the Being, and a large part of that being is integrated in Doing with Others.  

Advanced shared training plan to solve problems and prevent relapses 

At the beginning, when in 1986 we focused our efforts on treating addiction to substances such as heroin, the bio-psycho-social recovery of the individual was always our main goal. Since then, we have focused on covering the problem from a multidisciplinary perspective, facing challenges from medical, psychological, school-educational intervention and what we understood essential: social and work labor.

Since the Fundació Font Picant de Catalunya has existed, we have established a drug-free space, in which professionals and users interact, thus forming a transcendental axis of integration in the process of detoxification, detoxification and recovery.

We have also taken care of integrating regular artistic experiences such as music, theater, painting, drawing, applied arts and other forms of expression for personal development, collective cohesion and individual search to organize a new Model of Life. 

Comprehensive rehabilitation workshops

The integration of different technical, architectural and artistic proposals of the "Font Picant Program" initiative obtained the support of the INEM of Barcelona, ​​constituting the first INEM Workshop School for the Professional Training of poly-drug addicts.
This initiative was aimed at social reintegration with work for drug addicts, then persecuted and convicted for their behaviors linked to the consumption-abuse of heroin. A reality that encompassed all social classes in Spain. New experiences happened to the workshop school between 1986 and 2001.
The "Balneari de la Font Picant" was a feasible reality of being a Special Work Center for the hiring of ex-consumers in Hospitality, with which it was possible to strengthen the bases to integrate new Initiatives in the framework promoted by the Social Fund. European.
This is how the “El Pasteral” Therapeutic Community Program was born, integrated into an ambitious program that included programs from Germany, Italy, Ireland and France.
All were aimed at achieving the return of those excluded by addictions to society. Currently, the decrease in economic resources provided by the State and the European Union for the treatment of addictions has made our professional workshops become a therapeutic alternative for collective expression and inclusion in the sector.
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