Rehabilitation of addictions and dependencies in Barcelona

We have a qualified, capable and committed work team with the Foundation's purposes for the rehabilitation of people suffering from addictions and dependencies with resources in Barcelona and Girona. 

Three professionals and a partner assisted

Our vision

We focus the problem of legal and illegal drugs with the social nature of the Human Being, in the historical framework that we have had to live, immersed in the technological economic development of the last 100 years. We think that Man - whether it is women or men from developed countries or consumer demand - is imposed the Law of the Market as of absurd Consumption to believe that they buy happiness and give the most powerful companies in the world to earn money, they are mafia or legal. The most fragile people within the system are trapped, turning out to be the most harmed - along with their families - in what is known as a "range of misfortunes" medical, psychological, family - work, or with the justice, of those who suffer from abuse. , addictions and dependencies to many of the thousands of "products" offered by all media, be it Social Networks, Websites, Television, Radio, or Professional Advice. As early as 1984, Joel Fort, Advisor to President Carter, wrote the axes of what he considered "The Addicted Society" in the United States of America.
Psychotherapy session

Our mission

It focuses on the Defense and Accompaniment of marginalized or excluded people, with Rights and Duties as European Citizens, thereby providing human resources to:

Your assistance - advanced detoxification, biological-psychological-social rehabilitation as well as professional skills to try your reintegration into Society and Work.
It is our responsibility to promote Health understood as "A Way of Life, Free, Solidarity, and if it can be, Happy".

These principles define the legal personality with more than 35 years of work in a Professional Therapeutic Community where different disciplines meet and share from biological medicine, analytical psychology, cognitive behaviorist, psycho-neurology, humanistic schools to social psychology, General Systems Theory, anthropology, etc; applied to the changing reality of our social and collective reality. 

Our origins

In its embryonic beginnings in 1981 and until 1986, the Fundació Font Picant de Catalunya conceived the bio-
psycho-social rehabilitation of people excluded due to substance use and abuse, then focused on heroin use-
dependence, as a combined challenge of medical, psychological and educational-labor intervention.

Not surprisingly, the first CT "Font Picant" in early 1986 was conceived as a "drug-free" space where everything that
was learned from professionals to user experiences was reverted to the group. , being the enjoyment shared by the "good work" an axis of integration and cohesion. 
VACCINATE YES, HOSPITALS AND DEATHS NO! A fellow painter and writer with some of his works.

Contact information

Barcelona phone: 934353819

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Therapeutic Community


Telephone: 972430310

CT Sant Miquel Maifré

Road to the Susqueda Reservoir, KM. 7.5
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Carrer de Córcega 528 1-3
08025 Barcelona, ​​Catalunya

Rehabilitation for addictions in Barcelona during the Covid-19 pandemic

At Fundació Font Picant de Catalunya, we offer addiction rehabilitation services in Barcelona that have not been suspended due to the pandemic catastrophe caused by SARS-CoV 2. In coordination with different committed public organizations, we have made available to many people affected by addictions and their families, solutions to overcome this terrible class of problems that have arisen. Our center in Barcelona attends in a face-to-face and safe way, including post-community social support to people who need our help, regardless of origin, confession, color or nationality. 

The outlook from early 2022 is not good for either Health or the economy. The stress to which the Healthcare professional teams are subjected, as well as those of the Social Health Entities, is very important, given the low budgets, the continuous regulatory changes of the Administration and the need to transmit tranquility and security to their assisted people. It is poverty, fragility of health due to diseases associated with their dependencies and treatments, who request help in the middle ages of life, without work, very deteriorated by alcoholic beverages, smoking, direct stimulants and added psychotropic medications. The Covid-19 pandemic has put them aside, and today it even turns out to be miraculous to get a blood test, an ultrasound or an electrocardiogram scheduled for them.

Bad times for solidarity!